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Screenshots (Added 12/05/2002)
DM-December24th[FuT] [DOWNLOAD]

Happy Holidays!!!
You're the size of a doll... Go nuts.

Man, it snowed for the first time this year in my area tonight... the night I finalized this map. Cool.

Okay, here's how this map came to be.

I was working my regular job with ICQ connected.

Someone named Nixelplix (he goes by DirtyBob on the INA Forums) contacts me through the ICQ.

The ICQ communication went something like this:
Nixelplix: "Hey, I've got a great idea for a map."
Teddabod: "Yeah? Who's this?"
Nixelplix: "I'm DirtyBob on the INA forum."
Teddabod: "Okay, maybe I'll map it. What's the idea?"
Nixelplix: "A Christmas Map!"
Teddabod: "Yeah?"
Nixelplix: "Yeah."
Teddabod: "Yadda yadda yadda..."
Nixelplix: "Yadda yadda ya..."

The same day he sent me a nice photograph of a real-life living room that he thought would be a great layout for the map. I used it as an eyeball reference for laying out the room. I didn't use exactly what was in the photograph completely, but it helps to have a "visual" like that to aid the mapping process.

Me and DirtyBob went back and forth pretty much everyday in ICQ talking about ideas for this thing. Some ideas in the map are mine, some his.

I spent about (pause to open calculator) 495 hours mapping, creating meshes, textures, UV maps... very little sleep (Most mappers can easily understand the time thing. Say, "amen.".) During this time I was still multitasking trying to finalize Deck17 and working on my first map for the Hive Mod. Craziness.

I think DirtyBob probably spent as much time beta-testing this thing.

Anyway, I made what I consider to be a very good friend (DirtyBob) from the building this map. That's always a good thing.

A CTF version will follow. I've got to take care of some other maps I'm working on, so it will either have to wait or it will have to be multitasked into my mix of crap. Then maybe a BR and DOM version this map if there is enough interest.

Hope you enjoy the map.

Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas!!!

Main Download Location:
Waiting on fileplanet...

Download Mirrors:
at pcgamemods.com
DM-December24th[FuT] at mapraider.com
DM-December24th[FuT] at unrealplayground.com
DM-December24th[FuT] at ut2003hq.com
DM-December24th[FuT] at FIleShack.com
at unreal2k3.com
DM-December24th[FuT] at ut2003-universe.de

Mapper & Designer : Teddie "teddabod" Tapawan (teddabod@funrealtournament2003.com)
Concept, Tester & Advisor : Michael "dirtybob" Lioulas (mlioulas@adelphia.net)
Music : "Sleigh Ride" - Arthur Fiedler & The Boston Pops (1948)

Map authors may
NOT use this map or any custom element of this map (i.e., static meshes, textures, etc.) as a base to build additional maps. You must obtain written permission from the mapper (Teddie Tapawan - teddabod@funrealtournament2003.com) to do so.


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