Sticky Item Saturday, September 26, 2009 News Item!
Where I iz... Where I be...

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Sticky Item Sunday, February 1, 2009 News Item!
If You're On FACEBOOK...
Please click HERE and fan up on my Facebook page!

Hope to see you there.

Teddie 'teddabod' Tapawan

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Sticky Item Friday, November 24, 2007 News Item!
DM-December24th for UT3 is NOT ready, folks.  I'm sorry...
Just couldn't get it done in time for that special date...
I tried getting it done for today, the special date "December 24th".  I just couldn't get it done.  I apologize for letting you folks down.  I will continue working on it, learning more about the new editor, etc.  So it will come out, but not in as timely a manner as I would have wished.

I've also been working on a couple of brand new maps, part of the reason this isn't done yet.  Bad time management on my part.  But hopefully I'll have some other surprises for you sooner or later.

I really appreciate your support and interest.  Means a lot to me.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy fraggin' new year!

Teddie 'teddabod' Tapawan

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Friday, November 23, 2007 News Item!
I got my copy of UT3!!!
My wife is cool...
My wife brought me home a copy of Unreal Tournament 3 yesterday.  I haven't had a chance to really look into the new editor.  Hopefully I will have enough time to get up to speed and finish converting DM-December24th before, er, well December 24th.  I played the game for a little bit last night though.  I am enjoying the single player campaign.  Hope you folks had a good Thanksgiving!!!

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Thursday, October 18, 2007 News Item!
DM-December24th for UT3, possibly...
The Christmas season is almost here!
UT3 is supposed to be shipping out in November.  If I have time, I will try my best to port over my old UT2003 map, DM-December24th to UT3.  Part of the reason is because of this funny email I received this morning:
"Teddie, If you don't remake this one I will cry - honest. And my 9yr old son will cry too. We will both be crying all through Christmas dinner and probably put such a strain on my marriage that divorce will ensue, my 2 sons will go into care and become bank robbers when they grow up. That's just my family, let alone anyone else's so if you care at all about your public you know what to do okay?"

How can I resist that, eh?

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007 News Item!
Unreal Tournament 3, my UT2004 Maps, and DM-JunkJitsu!
I got a chance to play the UT3 demo and I really like it!

So when the retail version comes out and I get my hands on a copy, my plans are to port over some of my older maps over to UT3.  Here are the list of my maps that I'm thinking of porting over:
  • DM-KillBillyBarn
  • DM-CartwrightHall

That's the short list for now.  I'm not sure what else I'd want to port over.  If there is another one of my old ones that you want me to port over, let me know.  I can't promise anything.

Ok, and also...

I'm going to finish DM-JunkJitsu for UT3.  Yay!

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(OFF-TOPIC) Tuesday, October 16, 2007 News Item!
Listen Up...
Some of you know that in addition to being a level designer, I am also a musician/vocalist. If you've played DM-TDB-Healpod, then you've heard me performing.

I'm a "one-man-band". The name of my band, or rather, my "one-man-project" is called "Smart Apple". "Smart Apple" is the pseudo-name that I use to make my music more marketable. The name's origin comes from the fact that I have kids and I don't like to curse around them, so if the kids are around and I feel like calling my sister-in-law a smart ass, I just call her a "smart apple". Ground-breaking artist name? No. Interesting? Sure!

Anyways, years before I started building game levels/maps, I was really heavy into promoting my music. Sold a lot of CD's, received a lot of radio play, my music was played at festivals, etc.

I'm actually working on a new CD that I hope to release next year.

I've added a link on my Funreal website to my music website ( so that I may share my music with you.

Hope you like it. Thanks for listening. And sorry for this "off-topic" news post.

Teddie Tapawan is "Smart Apple"

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(OFF-TOPIC) Tuesday, January 3, 2006 News Item!
My fourth son, Joseph Elliot Tapawan was born today (01-03-2006) at 12:37pm!

Another beautiful baby boy...

Joseph Elliot Tapawan
Born January 3, 2006 @ 12:37 pm
5 lbs. 13 oz.
16 3/4 inches long

  Joseph Elliot Tapawan

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Friday, April 1, 2005 News Item!
Work on DM-TDB-JunkJitsu Has Stopped...
I 'm sorry to say, work on DM-TDB-JunkJitsu has stopped indefinitely.

A few weeks ago I received a message from the Japanese Historical Preservation Society (JHPS) asking me to delete the statues of naked Japanese women claiming that it is against everything the JHPS stands for, and since the theme of the map is mostly of a Japanese nature... etc.

Anyway, my response to them was basically, "Hey, look, I like naked women. A lot of my work has naked women statues in them. Even one of the my retail UT2004 maps has naked women statues in them. My wife, I like her naked as well. Everyone should be naked, so what's your problem???"

Today, I have received an actual letter from an international attorney of law representing the JHPS. Cease and desist. I must comply. My hands are tied and I must stop work on DM-TDB-JunkJitsu... because I WILL NOT remove my naked women from my work. It was in my original vision for the project and I will not bend in this instance, but work will stop on the project and I must apologize to the UT community for getting your hopes up. It is a sad (and angry) day for me.

I have scanned the letter from the attorney. You can view it by clicking HERE.

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Thursday, March 17, 2005 News Item!
DM-TDB-JunkJitsu Private Alpha Testing Starting Soon.
I made a little bit of hype about DM-TDB-JunkJitsu (work in progress) last year. You may be wondering what the heck is taking so long for me to get this map out the door. Well, I stopped mapping for a while. Kind of just needed a break. I'm back for now, so OMG HI 2 U!!11.... ahem.

Anyway, I'm still very hopeful and excited about this map, but I've sort of hit a wall with it, so I'm going to be conducting a private alpha test of the map in hopes that my testers will give good advice on what's hot and what's not with this map. I also hope to get some ideas from the testers (ie., "Yo, Teddie, you really need to put a big as$ jump thing here so someone with the lightning gun can take crackers and a juice-box yadda yadda in order to help the flow, ketchup, puppies, and the gameplay of JunkJitsu.").

In my opinion, the map has incredible potential, but I need help from the minds of the folks who really play this game and know what's good and what's not for gameplay, not just visuals. So thanks in advance to my testers. I've received your emails requesting to test the map and I will reply to each one soon.

Testing will start in about 3 weeks or sooner.

DM-TDB-JunkJitsu - Click for larger version.
DM-TDB-JunkJitsu - Click for larger version.
DM-TDB-JunkJitsu - Click for larger version.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005 News Item!
DM-CBP2-KillBillyBarn Featured in the Second Annual Best Maps of the Year Calendar!
It was actually a contest and I didn't even know my map was a contender until John Dailey (owner of contacted me to let me know about it.

In celebration of the winners for this year, created (with each map authors' permission) a special limited-edition and professionally designed 2005 calendar. Each month features one of the 12 maps. My map, DM-CBP2-KillBillyBarn is showcased in the month of August.

I'm in good company, with other winners in this year's calendar (some good friends of mine) like Neoduck, Angel Mapper, sHoKaZulu, Soma, and other great level designers. Yes, I am in good company with these folks.

Thanks to John Dailey of for his continued effort in setting up these contests and for providing a great calendar on an annual basis!

And very special thanks to all the people who voted for my map.

You can preview and buy the calendar HERE. Best Maps of the Year Calendar

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004 (Updated March 16, 2005) News Item!
CTF4-FaceClassic (WTF Four Who What?)
The CTF4 Modification (4-Team CTF) for UT2004 is coming out in a few days.

UPDATE: The CTF4 Mod is out and has been out for a while now. You can get it HERE. My map, CTF4-FaceClassic is included directly in the Mod.

I decided to convert my map CTF-FaceClassic for this fantastic mod. The screenshot below is a screenshot of the final product -- CTF4-FaceClassic.

The structure in the middle was done for a few reasons such as gameplay, optimization (huge help in optimizing), visual, etc.


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Thursday, September 30, 2004 News Item!
KillbillyBarn Gets 0wnage Love!

Jim Brown of Epic Games let me know that DM-CBP2-KillbillyBarn was being featured on the "Ownage Maps" section of UT2004.
Screenshot of "Ownage Maps" section of the UT2004 interface. This is what it says on the right of the screenshot:

"KillbillyBarn proves that, with the proper execution, even a gimmick map can really turn heads. The undeniable and hysterical personality of the map helped win it the award for Best Level Using Original Content in Phase II of this year's Make Something Unreal Contest. The fresh setting highlights the versatility of the Unreal engine, and Teddie's attention to detail, especially in the too often overlooked area of audio design, works hand in hand with the fun and frantic gameplay to complete an incredible map."

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Friday, September 17, 2004 News Item!
G4TechTV Played KillbillyBarn

G4TechTVMy friend, [NBS]Flak let me know from a mutual friend, Bitter Pill, that G4TechTV's show "The Screen Savers" were playing UT2004 during a televised LAN party and they were on my map, DM-CBP2-KillbillyBarn. (Broadcast Date: Thursday, September 16, 2004)

If anyone has any video of that, please let me know. I'd like to see it.

Thanks to [NBS]Flak and Bitter Pill for the info!

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Sunday, August 22, 2004 News Item!
I Have a New Home

Thanks to QAPete and the staff for their hospitality. My website is now proudly hosted by BeyondUnreal.

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Friday, August 20, 2004 News Item!
DM-TDB-CartwrightHall for UT2004 Released

Photo of Cartwright Hall
*Above is an actual photograph of Cartwright Hall. This is not a screenshot of the map.

DM-TDB-CartwrightHall in Magazines*

PCFormat Magazine (April 2004, #160)

Museums Journal Magazine Cover (April 2004)
PCFormat Magazine (April 2004, #160)
Museums Journal Mag Cover (April 2004)
Museums Journal Magazine 2 Page Spread (April 2004)
Museums Journal Magazine 2 Page Spread (April 2004)

* The in-game screenshots that were used in the Museums Journal Magazine were taken by my friends ChemicalBurn and 1BIGDIRTNAP.

Related link at my old UT2003 website: Photos from the Unveiling of my Cartwright Hall Map (UT2003 Version) at The Gibfest/Boozefest Meet at Cartwright Hall Art Gallery, Lister Park, Bradford. (Friday the 13th, 2004)

Title: Cartwright Hall

Description: Bradford's stunning art gallery was opened in 1904 with an important collection of Victorian and Edwardian works following its donation to the city by Samuel Cunliffe Lister. The hall, surrounded by a first rate park offers something for everyone. Exciting temporary exhibitions plus permanent art collections, including 20th Century British Artists are on display.

The UT2003 version of this map was my submission to PC Format Magazine's "Design a UT2003 level and win a PC" contest. (PC Format Issue 154 - November 2003)

UPDATE: My map won 1st place in the aforementioned contest and I received a new computer as the grand prize. In addition, I was invited to the UK to visit Cartwright Hall in person. I will take the trip later this year (2004). During my visit I will take reference photos and measurements for an updated version of this map! Come back to this website for more information as it becomes available.

Author: Teddie 'teddabod' Tapawan

Music: Alla Hornpipe - George Frideric Handel (1685-1759)

Thanks to my wife and kids for putting up with me during the construction of this map.

Thanks to the following people for taking some of the UT2003 screenshots that are displayed in the lower galleries of the map. (See readme file for info.)

Thanks to my beta testers. (See readme file for info.)

Thanks to all the folks who support and play my maps!

Download Mirrors:
DM-TDB-CartwrightHall at MediaFire
DM-TDB-CartwrightHall at UT200xFiles
DM-TDB-CartwrightHall at BeyondUnreal
DM-TDB-CartwrightHall at FilePlanet
DM-TDB-CartwrightHall at UTZone

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Saturday, August 7, 2004 News Item!
DM-CBP2-KillbillyBarn Wins!!!


DM-CBP2-KillbillyBarn is a 1st Place Winner in the NVIDIA Make Something Unreal Contest!

(Phase III, Best Level Using Original Content)

Title: Killbilly Barn

Description: "Dear MaryLou, I'm sorry you had to move out to the city to find work. There wasn't much left fer anyone to do 'round here. Miss havin' ya 'round. As ya know, the farm's on its last walkin' legs. It hasn't shed a drop 'round these parts in months. My cornfield's all dried up, burnt to a crisp. The only bit of water left is in the lil' waterin' hole out back and even that's dryin' up. The corn silo's half empty... I'll need to sell the farm if some miracle doesn't happen right soon. MaryLou, I know you don't condone drinkin', but the only thing that's keeping me sane is my 'shine still tucked out in the shed up on the hill. And even then, I ain't sure 'cause... ... I swear, damn scarecrow out in the field keeps laffin' at me and some flyin' saucer thing blew up my last cow with a purple laser-beam. I gotta go. There's some rough talkin' slackjaws walkin' up the path with guns and they don't look right friendly neither. Must prepare my 12 and my keeper. Love, BillyBob" I created this map specifically for The Community Bonus Pack 2.

Author: Teddie 'teddabod' Tapawan

Voice Acting: Teddie 'teddabod' Tapawan

Music: "Killbilly Barn" by Teddie Tapawan (a.k.a. Smart Apple) Copyright 2004 All Rights Reserved - ASCAP

Thanks to all my CBP team-mates for their help and good times on the CBP Team's Private Forum.

Thanks to my CBP bro, NeoDuck for sharing his ideas for a better terrain layout.

Thanks to my CBP sis, AngelMapper for helping me with a big last-minute bug and a sound issue.

Thanks to my private beta testers. (See readme file for info.)

Thanks to the folks below for helping me write the level description. (See readme file for info.)

Thanks to the folks below for helping think of things that belong in a barn/on a farm. (See readme file for info.)

Thanks to my wife and son for beta testing the map with me across our LAN and for putting up with the rest of my crap.

Download Mirrors:
DM-CBP2-KillbillyBarn at MediaFire
DM-CBP2-KillbillyBarn at BeyondUnreal

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Monday, March 15, 2004 News Item!
Since UT2004 is being released today, I can now share this news...
Most of you know that Epic Games purchased my Deck17 map, but they also purchased my Face2003 map. Both will be included in the retail version of Unreal Tournament 2004. Hop in your car, ask mom to drive you, whatever... go to the store now and get it. LOL. Printed Users Manual Included with UT2004 (Page 54)
UT2004 Retail Screenshot: CTF-FaceClassic (formerly CTF-Face2003[FuT]) UT2004 Retail Screenshot: DM-Deck17 (formerly DM-Deck17[FuT])

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